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Three Lefts is a research and development studio of emerging technologies focused on the Blockchain. Positioned at the forefront of the industry, we have built leading bespoke blockchain enterprise solutions for a diverse clientele. In an ever globalizing and complex business environment, our Smart Contract platform,, allows for the communication and consolidation of legal contracts for increased efficiency, enforcement and auditability. Rooted in the Environmental, Social and Governance impacts of Blockchain development, we are mission-driven to build the blockchain and disruptive technologies for the Common Good.

Our Bespoke Services

Smart Contracts and Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Thought Leadership & Consulting

We leverage our proven experience, expertise and industry insight to help you optimize your blockchain investment.

Technical & Policy Research

We strive to be on the cutting edge of new and emerging technologies and the impacts on businesses, society, and policy.


We design and develop scalable enterprise blockchain solutions, with an emphasis on smart contracts, verified identity, and regulatory compliance.


We deploy and integrate all stages of blockchain development - from the Backend Solutions to the Frontend User Solutions - to seamlessly integrate the Blockchain into your existing business lines with minimal disruption.



Romeo Ware

CEO | Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Romeo leads the overall growth of Three Lefts and the day-to-day operations, balancing both the technical development and business operations. He is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully developed and exited technical startups through all stages, building projects ranging from automating the process of applying for driver's licenses to the mobile solution for Point of Sales system, and creating The Hockey Hall of Fame’s Virtual Tours. Initially trained as a frontend designer/developer, his people skills and business savviness pushed him out from the development side and into management. His business success and technical background allow for the complete understanding of Three Lefts continued growth and value propositions.

Matthew Rappard

CTO | Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Matt is the chief technologist and developer at Three Lefts. A graduate of Ryerson University, he started his career in media production while working at major networks including CBC and Corus but always felt the pull into interactive development. He pivoted to the development and production of interactive content for YTV, W Network, CBC Television, and BlackBerry through Loopmedia. He used theses skills in this emerging field as a Special Effects Director and to lead the Interactive Development department at Loopmedia. He then branched out with Romeo Ware to found Three Lefts, where he is the lead developer and technical strategist of Three Lefts technology and solutions.

Bonnie Kim

VP | Engineering

As a graduate with a Computer Science degree from the University of Toronto, Bonnie has spent her career building leading mobile and web applications. Having founded and exited a start-up as a CTO and co-founder herself, she has previously worked with major industry leaders including Sony, ESPN, Intel, the Los Angeles Lakers, Gameroom and Hockey Hall of Fame. By working with a diverse range of clients spanning different industries, Bonnie has been able to expand her portfolio and expertise though the development and utilization of leading technologies.

Lisa Soodeen


As a leader in the operational technology space, Lisa has played a vital role in the growth of several start-ups over the past five years. With a start in coordination, shifting to the operation side was a natural transition. She has taken a lead role for Three Lefts as a member of the management team, to promote the development and execution of the company operational philosophy. She has navigated the world of operations and ran multiple teams over the past ten years.

Alfred Kam

CFO | Chief Financial Officer

Alfred will provide the financial expertise to help drive Three Lefts’ expansion into new opportunities. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant who comes with strong business acumen developed as a trusted advisor to various public and private entities across multiple industries. He looks forward to working with the team to create innovate solutions internally and externally.

Lola Barreto

Advisor | South America

Lola is an advisor and the bridge for Three Lefts’ work in South America. As an Industry leader in the media and technology industries in Colombia, Lola has worked as a producer, director, and art director on projects involving global leading brands, as well as for broadcast television projects, broadcast design, and advertising. Lola holds degrees in design, copyright law, and strategic management of SMEs. Lola helps to define Three Lefts strategy as it relates to South American market expansion and risk management, intellectual property management, and cutting-edge entertainment media technologies for South America and globally. She uses her experience to scope the market and evaluate the risk of disruptive projects faced by enterprises and governments on a global scale.

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